Teakhwa Real Estate Private Limited ( TRE ), a boutique real estate company licensed in Singapore, was incorporated in 1999.

Founded by Sieow Teak Hwa, a veteran in real estate industry since 1995, TRE has in the last 12 years, focused very much on residential enbloc sale and luxury real estate and project marketing.

TRE has done more than 25 enbloc land sales transactions over the last decade and jointly marketed close to 15 developers' projects in last few years..


TRE or Three (3)  speaks of totality, completeness and perfection!

We provide one-stop complete and personalised real estate services to all local and foreign investors, buyers and sellers and developers.


TRE strives to be our Clients' Preferred Choice because we put You first always !




  • TRUST and integrity are the cornerstones upon which we build our company. We focus on honest communication and live up to our commitments, responsibilities and promises given to others.


  • RELATIONSHIPS among our staff and salespersons together with all our clients are highly treasured and closely guarded ! We believe that everyone we work with will be more successful in a collaborative environment. We strive to develop a real sense of teamwork and partnership within our company and in our relationships with our clients.


  • EXCELLENCE is key to every successful company and we pride to give our best in all aspects of our real estate services to TRE clients. Perfection is our goal, providing excellent service and diligent execution from start to finish in every transaction.  by  Teakhwa Real Estate Pte Ltd.  All rights reserved!