What is Enbloc Sale?


Enbloc or Collective Sale allows Owners to sell their properties for a lot more than they could fetch by selling individually in the open market.

It allows Owners to convert the unused land or development potential in their property development into cash.

Enbloc Sale also allows Owners to cash out of their property investment for other newer and larger properties or re-invest in other forms of higher yield investments.






Since 1999, TRE has been assisting many happy and satisfied property owners and investors enhancing and unlocking the values in their real estate investment. We believe that we can do the same for you and your fellow owners with our people relationship management skill, industry contacts and in-depth knowledge of the Collective Sale market.


 The Kent Ridge Residences was the former Vista Park Condo





                Was: D11 Jubilation Apartment                                                      Now:  The Zedge




                     Was: D11 Minbu Apartment                                                        Now:  The Montebleu




D15 Tian Court Apartment in D15 ( Sold 2019 )
D15 Katong Omega in D15 ( Sold 2018 )
D5 Vista Park in D5 ( Sold 2018 )
D19 How Sun Park in D19 ( Sold 2108 )
D15 Shophouses at Changi Road/ Telok Kurau Road ( Sold in 2017 )
D11 Chong Kim Apartment at Bassein Road ( Sold in 2012 )
D19 Cardiff Court, 21 units 99-yrs LH condominium ( Sold in 2010 )
D16 Changi Complex, 40 units mixed development in Bedok ( Sold in 2010 )
D19 Apartments in Kovan Centre ( Sold in 2009 )
D11 Jubilation Apartment at Akyab Road (Sold in 2007 )
D12 Prome Road 13 Terrace Houses ( Sold in 2007 )
D11 Elegance View at Irrawaddy Road (Sold in 2007)
D15 Telok Ville Townhouse Lor K Telok Kurau ( Sold in 2007 )
D15 Keng Yee Garden at Lor G Telok Kurau (Sold in  2007 )
D15 Townhouses at Lor G Telok Kurau (Sold in 2006)
D12 Irrawaddy Road 8 Terr Houses (Sold in June 2006)
D11 Minbu/ Martaban Road, 24 Apartments/ 8 Terrace houses (Sold in 2006)
D16 Anchor Gardens @ Upper East Coast Road (Sold in  2006)

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